Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Glass is Half Full

Most of the things that I think about posting are pretty heavy, sobering and, well, depressing. I came across this gem from the crew at Cool People Care and thought that I would share it. Enjoy ... and spread the love.

Get Positive
by Sam Davidson

Put a spin on what you're talking about.
News is news and sometimes, no news is good news. But, good news is usually the best kind of news. Therefore, spend a moment today finding some good news and then spread it. Certainly there are stories that need telling no matter the spin, but there are many great stories that rarely get told. We all know that it's easy to spread celebrity gossip or the latest political scandal, but imagine the sound of our own conversations if we began to spread the wonderful news of the good that people are doing. Be a messenger of good news today.

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Sam Davidson said...

Thanks for mentioning this and passing it along. The power of positive news and ideas can be quite amazing.