Thursday, March 27, 2008

Love, Marriage and Babies

A few weeks ago, my darling roommate sent me this article by Emily Yoffe on marriage and child bearing.

Yoffe declares, for all the world to hear, that children should be raised in a home with two parents married to one another. I know that this worldview is generally accepted by most of my friends and those who read this blog, but I found it interesting that a columnist from a non-traditional media outelt would espouse the same view.

What are your thoughts on the article and on why this view is regaining ground?


Hal said...

I think it was a good column. I do think it lacks some teeth as it doesn't proclaim righteousness and that sex should only take place in marriage. At least that was the impression I was left with. I think the reason for that is an underling current of self-centeredness in the women and men the writer gives examples of. It's that condition in our society which contributes much to the lack of care for children.

As to why the view of a two parent home may be gaining ground... Money. Combined with what I've seen in my service in my church, I've been working some with the Juvenile Welfare Board in my area and it's become obvious to me via the statistics that these unwed, multiple father, single mom homes are costing tax payers large amounts of money over the life of the children who do not have a stable, loving two parent home. Though I think many in the JWB would be loath to admit that for fear of being "judgmental," they do recognize that it is a factor and is costing money and damaging society.

There is care for the children expressed by the JWB folk, but it only goes so far as to treat the symptoms and not the illness in our society.

Leslie Bowden said...

Thanks for a thoughtful post Hal. I agree that this only looks at treating symptoms and not the illness, but I do find it interesting that society as a whole is actually beginning to recognize some symptoms and call them bad. Maybe soon they will see that there is an illness behind it all?

Hal said...

That's my hope too, Leslie.