Friday, May 23, 2008

I Heart Knoxville

As I prepare to take off for NYC, I came across this post today and thought I would weigh in on why I love Knoxville and have chosen to make it my home.

1) Driving on Kingston Pike from Neyland Drive to Western Plaza. Something about the nostalgia and beauty of the Sequoyah Hills area makes me happy to be a Knoxvillian. (Please note: that this is the only part of KP I like to drive on.)

2) Neyland Stadium. I am a fourth generation UT grad and offical Big Orange geek. I love all things college football, orange and tailgating.

3) The Lake. All of the lakes and all of the different ways to play in them.

4) Gourmet's Market in Bearden. Best breakfast anywhere, especially on the weekend. I have even gotten my West Tennessee dad hooked on eating with me on the patio. My old stand by is scrambled eggs with goat's cheese and basil and, of course, a bottomless cup of coffee.

5) The Seasons. Four different beautiful seasons. From the mild Winter, to the honeysuckle-filled Spring, to Summery days on the lake, and the most beautiful Fall colors around, I love Knoxville's seasons.

Why do you love Knoxville?


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Great list! Here are 10 reasons I love Knoxville:

-Casey @ Knoxify