Friday, August 29, 2008

Saving Money vs. Saving the World

While trying to clear out my blog reader I came across this great post on The Simple Dollar. I often ponder the best way to spend money. (In fact, I was just discussing this the other evening with some great friends.) Is it better to buy everything cheap and use the money saved for charitable giving or is it best to buy more expensive items that line up with your beliefs (i.e. organic, fair trade, local)? This is a great post to get you thinking.

Hint: frugality is all about what you value.

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--Deb said...

Saving money is good, but not when it costs other people money. Um,could you please not hotlink to the photo on my site? It costs me bandwidth every time somebody looks at it. Please save a copy onto your own computer and then upload it to Blogger. (Or download it directly from Microsoft Clipart, which is where I got it from.)

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