Sunday, December 21, 2008

Before I turn 30, I will...

In June 2009, I will turn 30 years old. While a lot of people dread this milestone, I have been determined to embrace it and make sure that it is fun! Last year, I created a "Before 30 List" and have been working away on it. You can check my progress below, bold items have been completed. I have six months and one day to accomplish the rest. Wish me luck!

1) Run a half marathon. (December 2008)
2) An IRA savings goal.
3) Learn to play tennis.
4) Learn to drive a stick shift.
5) Cook a prime rib.
6) Bake a successful soufflé.
7) Exit a ski lift without falling. (February 2008. I had literally fallen every time I had ever gotten off of a chair lift.)
8) Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. (May 2008)
9) Fast from Diet Coke for an entire month.
10) Take a cooking or craft class.
11) Host a Kentucky Derby Party with traditional food and Mint Juleps.
12) Eat at the Lady and Sons in Savannah, Ga. (October 2008)


Michelle said...

I've been anxious to read this... I'm contemplating making my own but it won't be as fun as yours!

Okay, may I please say that I LOVE that my word verification just said "Boodysta." Like a barista... but with a booty. How appropriate.

Allyson said...

You can borrow Ryan's truck to learn to drive a stick. If you haven't seen it, it's already smashed in on the entire right side, so you couldn't do a lot more damage to it! :)

gdalton said...

I have a couple of good souffle recipes. They're actually not too hard to make, and they're delicious! Although we had a couple over once who didn't appreciate the mushiness of my banana souffle. They said they were "texture people." Haha.

Trillia said...

I've cooked prime rib and would love to do it again (or just eat it-yum) if you want a partner. Did Emilee ever tell you about our beef wellington disaster. Such a funny memory to me. I'm determined to try that again. We bought an incredibly yummy piece of meat (tenderloin- expensive!!. Also, UT has one night cooking classes if you ever have time check out their professional program. You create, learn, cook and eat at in 4 or so hours.

Fun ideas Leslie!!