Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quote of the Day

"It's so much easier to suggest solutions when you don't know too much about the problem. "
-- Malcolm Forbes

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Want to Be a Part of It ... New York, New York

Ever Ready Diner in Hyde Park with my tour guides Jenny and Chris. I must mention here that I took some Tennessee treats for my hosts including "Knoxville Girl" and "I (Sunsphere) Knoxville" shirts to which they replied, "Oh its that Wig Shop from The Simpson's!"

Cruising with views of the beautiful Hudson River Valley.

We visited the FDR Home and Presidential Library . Eleanor and Franklin were gracious hosts.

Then off to a tasting the Rivendell Winery in New Paltz. Jenny knows what I like.

Off to the city via the train from Poughkeepsie. We met up with Jenny's friend Cory at Christ Church UMC on the Upper East Side, which I learned is home to the City's most prestigious pre-K Day School. Matt Lauer and Donald Trump's children attend there.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was my most anticipated destination.

After watching a documentary about Frank Lloyd Wright last summer, I really wanted to see The Guggenheim. This is what greeted me.

Then it was off for a stroll through Central Park to the Upper West Side.

We happened upon Redeemer Presbyterian Church just in time to hear Tim Keller preach. I totally geeked out over this, Dr. Keller is my favorite living theologian.

In short order we were back to the Upper East Side to have dinner at Candle 79 with some of Jenny's friends. Then we headed to the East Village. As we exited the subway, the New Yorkers told me the neighborhood was super trendy now, but two years ago I could have easily been killed.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Rockefeller Plaza and NBC Studio tour. I geeked out again. I love the Today Show and NBC News.

I used my many miles of walking to overcome my fear of walking across street grates.

We ate lunch al fresco at the Bryant Park Grille in Bryant Park, location of NYC's Fashion Week.
After some more schlepping around midtown, Jenny and I said goodbye at Grand Central terminal. Then I made my trek back through Queens and the to LaGuardia and home.

Quote of the Day

"You're from Tennessee? I LOVE Dolly Parton!"
-- my new NYC friend, Robert

Pictures from the trip to come soon.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I Heart Knoxville

As I prepare to take off for NYC, I came across this post today and thought I would weigh in on why I love Knoxville and have chosen to make it my home.

1) Driving on Kingston Pike from Neyland Drive to Western Plaza. Something about the nostalgia and beauty of the Sequoyah Hills area makes me happy to be a Knoxvillian. (Please note: that this is the only part of KP I like to drive on.)

2) Neyland Stadium. I am a fourth generation UT grad and offical Big Orange geek. I love all things college football, orange and tailgating.

3) The Lake. All of the lakes and all of the different ways to play in them.

4) Gourmet's Market in Bearden. Best breakfast anywhere, especially on the weekend. I have even gotten my West Tennessee dad hooked on eating with me on the patio. My old stand by is scrambled eggs with goat's cheese and basil and, of course, a bottomless cup of coffee.

5) The Seasons. Four different beautiful seasons. From the mild Winter, to the honeysuckle-filled Spring, to Summery days on the lake, and the most beautiful Fall colors around, I love Knoxville's seasons.

Why do you love Knoxville?

Monday, May 12, 2008

I Heart NY

I am taking my first ever trip to New York City in a couple of weeks! Any suggestions on must have NYC experiences?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Who Really Cares?: Chapters 2 - 3

The Introduction of Who Really Cares? gave away the entire point of this book, but Brooks hashes out the specifics of his research chapter by chapter and it is pretty interesting though I am getting through the book much more slowly than I would like.

Chapters 2 - 4 address religion, wealth redistribution and income levels respectively. The most gripping tidbit for me is below:

"The unexpected part of Mr. Dawson's story is this: He gave nearly all his money away. During his life, he conrtributed $1.3 million to charity... When asked why he gave so much, he gave simple straightforward responses. 'I just want to help people, leave a legacy, and be remembered.'"

Matel Dawson was no ordinary millionaire. He worked most of his life as a forklift operator at Ford Motor Company in Detroit. He lived simply and gave generously. I want to be like Mr. Dawson, aka The Forklift Philanthropist, but too often I am mesmerized by a cute new dress or a quick weekend get away. I see people with more money, nicer homes, prettier furniture and want to be like them rather than being like Mr. Dawson.

I hope that today we will all strive to be a bit more like Matel Dawson than like each other.