Sunday, December 21, 2008

Before I turn 30, I will...

In June 2009, I will turn 30 years old. While a lot of people dread this milestone, I have been determined to embrace it and make sure that it is fun! Last year, I created a "Before 30 List" and have been working away on it. You can check my progress below, bold items have been completed. I have six months and one day to accomplish the rest. Wish me luck!

1) Run a half marathon. (December 2008)
2) An IRA savings goal.
3) Learn to play tennis.
4) Learn to drive a stick shift.
5) Cook a prime rib.
6) Bake a successful soufflé.
7) Exit a ski lift without falling. (February 2008. I had literally fallen every time I had ever gotten off of a chair lift.)
8) Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. (May 2008)
9) Fast from Diet Coke for an entire month.
10) Take a cooking or craft class.
11) Host a Kentucky Derby Party with traditional food and Mint Juleps.
12) Eat at the Lady and Sons in Savannah, Ga. (October 2008)

Monday, December 08, 2008


This year I created a "Before 30 List" of things to accomplish before I turn 30 in 2009. One of the biggest items was to run a half marathon. I marked that item of the list last weekend at the St. Jude's Marathon and Half Marathon in Memphis! I learned a lot about myself and life from my training and race experience. Hopefully, I put it all into writing at some point.

Below is a picture of my friends and me at the finish, including Chris who also ran and finished 93out of 6663 half marathoners!