Sunday, January 04, 2009

Goals and Resolutions for 2009

In addition to my "Before 30" list, I also try to set goals in various areas each year. I put my 2009 goals on paper two weeks ago and I have an awful lot to get done this year! Here is a sample from each category.

-Escape for an entire day of solitude once every two months. I'll use this time to think, pray and read.

-Get to work early, work hard and Leave work on time.
-Expand my professional network through community involvement.

-Host a dinner party in my home each month.

-Get seven hours of sleep every night.

-Read two books quarterly in each of the following categories: business, theology, just for fun.

-A lofty savings goal.
Does anyone else have resolutions or goals for 2009?

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Leigh Ann said...

Guess who sat down and made goals too! You guessed ... The Duttons! Whoo hoo! You're goals look great :) Love you!