Friday, February 06, 2009

Mark another off of the list.

A little while back I told you about my Before 30 list. I got to cross another off this week as I successfully completed a month long fast from Diet Coke, which includes all other types of diet sodas. It wasn't all that hard since I had coffee to get my caffeine fix, so I thought I would keep it up.
However, I binged on February 1 with three diet sodas. I realized that I have an actual problem when I had a Diet Pepsi at lunch. I hate Diet Pepsi, but it was the only diet soda option and I wanted to have it simply because I could. It reminds me that I have only run four times since the half-marathon eight weeks ago.
Hmmm... maybe my goals should be to be a runner and to never drink Diet Coke again. Too bad I don't really like running and I LOVE Diet Coke.


casey said...

Nicely done! And don't beat yourself up about it being hard, that's the point. Now you can say you've done it! It's not about the heart of the commandment, just whether you crossed the finish line.

Here's to you, Leslie Bowden; half-marathoner and liberated Diet Coke drinker.

Sarah (and a few others) said...

Haha! Leslie I turn 30 this month but am not even CLOSE to having finished all the things I wanted to...dang. You're awesome!

Trillia said...

That's funny Les! I HATE diet coke and LOVE running but don't run much anymore.

Thanks again for the contact!