Monday, June 08, 2009


I leave for Ethiopia on June 10. Life has been amazingly busy and actually quite stressful as I prepare to leave, so I haven't quite digested that I am going to Africa for ten days! Maybe I will have remarkable profound things to tell you about my experience when I return. I hope so. As my love for orphan care has grown, I have also been intrigued by the factors that lead to an orphan crisis such as disease and poverty. Pray that God gives me big eyes while I see cause and effect close up. I want to be envisioned to find solutions rather than overwhelmed by the problem.

Please also pray for our group of twelve traveling and serving together. Pray that we will be full of love to have hearts to love what God loves. Pray that we will be healthy and strong (in body and soul) to work hard. Pray that we will weep for these children, that we will laugh with these children and that we come home ready to fight for them.

Our tenative schedule is below along with links to the homes we will be working in. Check from June 10 - 19 to discover what we are up to along the way. Ethiopia is the the nation of origin for my much beloved coffee bean, so I certainly hope that I get to enjoy some while I am there!

June 10: Depart Knoxville 4 p.m. EST

June 11: Arrive Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 9 p.m. local time (2 p.m. EST)

June 12: Explore the city, visit work site TBD

June 13: Hope affiliated orphanges

June 14: Church

June 15: Ethiopia Guest House (working here not staying)

June 16: The Forsaken Children

June 17: The Forsaken Children

June 18: Work site TBD, Depart 10 p.m. local time (3 p.m. EST)

June 19: Arrive Knoxville 3 p.m. EST

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Pam said...

Leslie - I'm so excited to see you are going on this trip! I'll be praying for you. Give lots of hugs and kisses!

Pam Wilson