Thursday, April 14, 2011

Foster Care and Us

Together for Adoption is a great organization that educates the Church about God's heart for the orphan and His call on Christians to adopt and care for orphans. Andy and I attended the 2009 conference together just four days after getting engaged. Before getting engaged, we knew that we wanted to adopt children. At T4A, God opened Andy's heart to foster care. Pastor Scott Roley spoke about becoming a foster dad more than 30 years ago to a young teenager who has been sexually abused in her birth family as well as in three subsequent foster homes. I remember feeling Andy slump in his seat while he listened to this story and then leaning over to me saying, "We have to do something about that. Christians have to provide good families for these kids." And with that, God started directing our path.

Earlier this year we completed foster care training. We are still in the process of completing paper work that will certify our home to receive foster children. Our current plan is to provide respite care during 2011; respite care is "relief care" for foster families such as watching children on the weekend. In 2012, we would like to become full-time foster parents with an eye toward adoption. Although, we are very open to providing a home for children temporarily and helping reunite them with their birth family, if that is what is best for them.

This whole process is emotionally overwhelming. My constant prayer is for God to direct our path and make it straight. We want to do foster care to build our family, but more importantly to provide a family for children who need one. Please join us in praying for God to unite us with the right children.

Together for Adoption recently interviewed this couple at their house conference about fostering to adopt. They eloquently put into words how Andy and I feel about foster care. Watching it is worth 15 minutes of your time and may help you understand a little bit about our passion.

What questions do you have about foster care? Leave a comment and I will try to answer your questions in a future post.


anne graves said...

Thanks for sharing this. Such an encouragement to us and a reminder of the big picture of adoption. I will pass this along.

LuAnn said...

This is awesome...and holds a special place in my heart, too. My mother was a foster parent - the first single mom foster parent in Knox County, actually. My oldest sister was one of her foster children. Mom never adopted my sister legally, but she has always been part of our family. :) To hear the stories about before my mom got her breaks my heart, but it makes me so thankful that my mom was willing to step out on faith, trust the Lord, and open her home to children. I can't imagine my life without my oldest sister, and I know that she is unbelievably thankful for a family who loves her so much.
I just wanted to share that with you. Please know you and Andy will be in my prayers, and if you ever want to talk to my mom about her experiences, just let me know. God bless you all and your home, and thank you for being receptive to the Lord's plan for your life and home! I admire both of you!