Sunday, April 24, 2011


I am in constant motion. Completing tasks, acheiving goals, cleaning something, helping someone, learning about some new passion. I am bad at resting. My mind is always racing. I always think about things that need to be done.

We have so much going on in our lives that my lack of rest has led to several emotional breakdowns in recent weeks and possible illness. For several weekends I have had flu like symptoms for a few hours at a time, Andy thinks it is linked to overwork. Yesterday Andy came home from a run and found me on the kneeling on the kitchen countertops cleaning the windows and sobbing because I felt so overwhelmed about everything that needed to be done at our house.

Two weeks ago we tried to do an activities fast. We only participated in mandatory activities (like going to work) and spent our evenings doing Bible study or reading. This was really hard for me. I wanted to keep getting little cleaning tasks or emails done here and there. Is it possible I have some serious issue that prevents me from resting. Many friends and roommates have suggested this over the years.

Everyone is busy. How do you prevent physical exhaustion and emotional weariness?

On a positive note, I took a nap on the deck today and enjoyed a glorious Easter Sunday.


Sarah (and a few others) said...

Oh poor Leslie!! I do the same thing, (crying and scrubbing) especially when I'm pregnant and tired!
When I get crazy overwhelmed I try to remember the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:41), when Jesus said "Martha, Martha, thou are careful and troubled about many things, but one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away form her."
Then I put down the scrub brush and play with my kids.

Michelle said...

I rest every chance I get.... and I'm good at it. I wish I had advice but I think I was just born to rest.