Sunday, May 08, 2011

Eating Healthy and Losing Weight

I have always battled my weight. Late in high school I finally lost my chubby baby weight that I had carried all my life. Then my freshman year of college I lost more weight. Of course, as a woman, I still thought that I was fat. A few years passed in college and the late night McDonalds and pizza runs caught up with me. Weight slowly crept back on to my body as I entered my early professional life. In 2004, I became a devote follower of the South Beach Diet and lost 40 pounds in a year. As the story goes, weight came back slowly over the next few years, but THEN I started dating Andy and fell in love. We started eating out and stopped working out. That is a bad combonation and we both gained weight during our year of dating and first year of marriage. So, here we are.
Looking slim in 2005.

Looking chubby on New Year's Eve 2010. Ready for a new start.

As a very goal driven person, I will do whatever it takes to meet my goal in weight loss or anything else. However, once my goal is met I celebrate by getting too relaxed. After I lost 40 pounds it slowly crept back on when I got lazy with my refined carbs and sugars. I ran a half marathon and then haven't run again in two years! Now that I have a small family to cook for, so it is hard to stick to extreme dietary restrictions. So, I am trying to establish a healthy life style rather than a one time goal. We try to eat real, non-processed foods (something I learned in my South Beach days). We are eating a lot of fruits and veggies these days.  We recently bought a Vitamix blender to help make whole food eating more convenient. (I LOVE this blender! Getting me talking about it and I may never stop.)

My new love, The Vitamix.

Andy and I joined the YMCA and have been working out at least three - four times a week since January and I have kept a pretty tight reign on my diet, even when eating out for several months as well. Andy has lost 20 pounds and I have lost three. I have never had a high metabolism and I think hitting 30 has kicked my butt.  I am incredibly frustrated, but determined to stick to our healthy lifestyle and teach my family a healthy lifestyle. I loved the book In Defense of Food by Micahel Pollan and have started following some good blogs Kath Eats Real Food, Nourishing Gourmet, and Keeper of the Home.

What do you do to stay healthy? Do you have any favorite sites, blogs or books?


Leslie Nack Senior said...

I am at 37 pounds off and can see the goal from here. Weight Watchers is working for me simply because it makes me count the points. You are already doing the good stuff with eating natural and have actually encouraged me to get more serious about organic and non pesticide foods. So, the only thing to add is tracking. Sorry, not fun, I don't like it but if I don't I gain. If I do it I can eat what I want and I loose. Leslie

Allison said...

Leslie, ok, so I am curious about the Vitamix. I want one, but going to wait until Christmas (my wish list!) but where did you get yours? I need to start tracking the deals, so give me the scoop. And, right there with you - losing weight is easy, maintaining is lifestyle habits of self-control & discipline for, well .., forever! That's hard! But, you are starting out so well slow and steady and I am sure you will see results. Thanks for the post, both humble & encouraging.

Leigh said...

I have to say, "I'm incredibly disappointed in you for going with a Vitamix."

Now, that we have that out of the way. I absolutely adore your humility!

And with that said ...

The 3 things Mark and I would say:

1. Drink at least half your body weight (in ounces, of course) of water a day. Drink at least 16 ounces (or more) when you wake before you eat (breakfast) or drink (coffee). AKA, Pee often!

2. Make sure you are eating enough fiber. AKA, poop often! You can do this through eating more fruits and veggies (like you are),or adding a fiber drink/bar to your diet. We have a good one to recommend, if you're interested.

3. Add fermented foods/drinks to your diet. AKA, Kefir & Raw ACV are two that we do almost daily. You can make great fermented carrots or green beans to snack on at each meal also. Fermented foods help you to digest your foods. AKA poop often!

Ok, so now you know our secret of weight loss/maintenance. Pee and Poop often.

We also do not have a filter. I hope your blog readers don't mind. ;-) You're welcome to delete my comment.

Leslie Bowden Nack said...

You know that I don't have a filter either! I am taking your water challenge today. I am awful with drinking enough (unless coffee counts!)

I need to look into fermented foods. Your recent Kefir post peaked my interest and I recently started making my own yogurt which was super easy. So I may decide to take on Kefir next.

And, Vitamix > Blendtec. ;) Although the Blendtec videos are much more fun to watch!