Sunday, November 27, 2011

Starting Our Family

We have been talking about adoption since our dating days. Andy recalls an evening sitting on my porch, playing Scrabble when I asked him, "So, how do you feel about adoption?" Having been friends with me for more almost three years, Andy knew that saying no to adoption meant saying no to me. So, that night Andy said, "I have never really thought about it, but I am open to the idea." And that began our journey.

The weekend after we got engaged, we attended Together for Adoption and Andy fell in love with the idea of foster care. We have planned to begin our family through adoption from that day. We may or may not try to have birth children, but wanted to begin our family through adoption because currently being childless we have more freedom on how many children and the ages of children that we can welcome into our home. We recently completed our home study with OmniVisions and are awaiting approval. It is likely that our home will be opened in December and we hope to have a placement of children in January. To begin, we have decided to open up for up to two children ages 10 years and younger who are available for adoption.

This is our plan. We believe that we are following where God is leading, but we also know that He is in control and our plan could definitely be different. In some ways I am so thrilled to be opening the doors to the next chapter of our lives and in some ways I am absolutely terrified. We are walking into foster care and adoption with our eyes open. Through or training and through friends who foster and adopt we know some of the hard things that we will likely face. Most likely our children will have been abused and neglected in their homes of origin. Very possibly our children will have memories of those homes and will, therefore, have diffuculties adjusting to new homes because of those experiences. Our children may exhibit behaviors that are a result of past abuse. I have started looking through Web sites of adoptable children and wondering if any of those children are the ones we will adopt. Then, fear will grip my heart. "How can we possibly do this? We are not prepared to take care of these sweet kids who have endured so much!" Yet then I remember the reason we have chosen this path to begin with because if we do not open our home, then who will? So, instead of letting the fear take hold I pray that God will give me a spirit of power and love and a heart that is ready to embrace this adventure.

So, our next chapter should start soon. We are buying some bunk beds from a friend. I have put in my notice at work and will have the good fortune to be a stay at home mom. Now, we just need som kids!


sammye said...

I love you Leslie. That's all.

mach3mom said...

You two are so precious! Beautiful faith in action.

Austyn said...

Yay! What an AMAZING adventure ahead full of every emotion under the sun! Can't wait to follow your journey! Your house will be full of some very lucky children soon!