Monday, February 06, 2012

On Being a Mrs.

I received this coffee mug as a wedding gift. I was sipping my morning brew from it a few weeks ago and it struck me how much I love being a Mrs. and not just to anyone, but I adore being married to Andy.
 Two years ago today, I became  Mrs. Andrew Nack.  I realize that is a pretty old fashioned title and I do not go around calling myself by my husband's name. However, years gone by there was a sense of honor in marrying a good man and taking his name. I feel that sense of honor today and feel so blessed to be married to Andy.

The past two years have opened up the world of marriage to me. I know that Andy loves me securely through all of my meanness, emotional instability and critical nature. Honestly, Andy brings out the best in me and even when the worst of me comes out I have not doubted his deep love for me even once. I have seen the way he has decided to put aside the easy road to follow God's call for us to open our home to Sam and now to our three boys. I have learned to be a team united in heart and purpose. I have learned what it is to be cherished. Andy brings me flowers every week. It started as a joke early in our dating relationship and he has missed very few weeks since then. Andy opens my door getting in and out of the car. It drives some of our friends bananas, but he loves to give me the place of honor and treat me with special attention. Andy holds my hand all the time. It is so sweet to me and we plan to be that cute, old couple that is still holding hands at 90. 

Last week when we met our boys' mom she mentioned one reason that she was supportive of our plan to adopt was because there was a man in our house. With tear filled eyes, I told her that Andy is the type of man that she wants her boys to grow up to be. I told her that he is faithful, honest, hard working and treats women with the utmost respect. He is tough, he is tender, he is smart and he is funny. I am so excited that Sam and our boys have Andy to look to as a male role model. 

So, with a man like that, I gladly take the title of being his Mrs!  Happy Anniversary!


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