Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Past Four Months in Bullet Points

  • July 6 - Sign Intent to Adopt for all three boys. The first true legal step in the adoption process.
  • July 8 - Find out that I am pregnant! To be clear, and maybe to disclose too much, we have never tried to get pregnant. We had not battled the pain of infertility. Adoption was our first choice. We had tabled the idea of birth kids for awhile. God had different plans! 

 We spent July 8 hiking to Laurel Falls. 

 This is the last picture of me in minor oblivion to being pregnant. We stopped on the way home from the mountains and I bought a pregnancy test.

  • August 13 - Finalize the adoption of Jerrett, Mikie and Elijah! 

 Last minute paper work.
 Births happen at hospitals, but adoptions happen at court.
 And, sometimes you wait a LONG time. 
 First, official family photo in the Judge's chambers after we swore to everything and signed everything. 

 We celebrated the rest of the day boating.

  • August 18 - Celebrate the adoption with a huge party at our house, all while keeping our little secret. 
  • August 19 - Tell the boys a baby brother or sister is on the way. 
  • October 2 - Find out that child #4 is a GIRL! 

Whew. So that is what is  up with us. How is everyone else?

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