Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dear Anna Bowden,

February 22, 2013
Dear Anna Bowden,
                I cannot believe that you will be arriving in just a few weeks. It seems like just days ago that your Daddy and I found out that we were pregnant and would be adding a baby to this crazy family of ours. Little girl, I do not think I will ever be able to explain the amount of joy that you have brought to our family before you were even born. Let’s be honest, I hope that I can always be honest with you, you were a surprise baby. A big surprise! I think that when you are much older you will understand the very unique nature of the timing of your entry into this world. You see, you know those crazy big brothers of yours? We legally adopted them when I was ten weeks pregnant with you. I know, God has funny timing, huh?
                Your big brothers had been in our family for just about five months in July 2012 and we were learning how to be a family. It was hard. Mommy cried a lot out of sadness and out of exhaustion. You see, I felt a lot of pain for this broken world that Jesus wants to heal, but that mere people like us cannot fix on our own no matter how much we want to. Daddy and I decided that becoming parents to three sons in one year was an awful lot of responsibility and we would not even talk about having a baby or adopting another child for at least a year. I was thinking maybe not for 10 years! And then one day, I just kind of knew that you were in my belly, so I took a pregnancy test. And, voila, we knew we had something special on our hands. Daddy’s first words were, “Well, I hope it is a girl because Violet needs a friend.” Actually everyone we knew was rooting for you to be a girl since I lived in a house full of men.
                The mere knowledge of your existence has brought shouts of excitement and tears of joy from your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends near and far.  You have brought joy and healing to this little family without even trying. We are praying that your sweet presence will be an adhesive to our family that you will bring us all together more strongly than ever. We are praying that we are all blessings to you as you grown into the woman God wants you to be.
                The experience of being pregnant with you has been amazing. I never knew that I wanted to be pregnant and often thought that we would build our entire family through adoption. However, feeling you in my belly and having this time to think who you are and pray for who you will become is humbling, sweet and so very special. You are a delight to me and already the apple of your Daddy’s eye. Scripture tells us that sons are an inheritance from the Lord and Daddy loves his boys, but your Daddy is a sucker for you before you have even entered this world. To see his eyes light up when we talk about you or when he feels you move in my belly is sheer joy to me.
                I often wonder what you will be like. I wonder what you will be interested in. Will you be a talker like your mom and grandmothers? Will you be a musician like your aunts? Will you like to run, to swim, to play softball? Will you be an artist? Will you love to read or will you be a math brain? Or maybe school will be tough for you. Perhaps you will be uncoordinated and not like any sports. Maybe music and art will bore to tears. The excitement and fear is that we simply have no idea. However, this has been my prayer for you, “Lord, I pray that Anna Bowden will change her world.” This is the Scripture that I have started praying for you: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with your wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9
                So, my sweet little lady, I am counting the days until you get here. Even your brothers are excited, though they are too cool to really say so. Your room isn’t quite ready for your arrival, but our arms and our hearts are ready to embrace you, so feel free to drop in as soon as you are ready.